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The rebreather user course is often referred to as MOD1. Whilst many different agencies offer courses on rebreathers at present only PSAI, ANDI and IANTD have rEvo Rebreather user courses.

The user course is quite intensive and is more comprehensive than most other rebreather courses. rEvo rebreathers,  together with the training agency have set the standards that are required. rEvo rebreathers have a quality assurance programe to ensure that all students have received the necessary training and when the course is completed the newly qualified diver is registerd with rEvo Rebreathers as a user and is kept informed of any advances by email. There is also a rEvo rebreathers owners club (www.revodivers.com) that the registerd rEvo diver is invited to join and this means that they will receive invitations to dive trips at cost as well as host of special offers.

Following on from the user course there is Normoxic mixed gas course. This course is again run by various training agencies and differs on standards between them, however they are all broadly simaliar.

The Normoxic mixed gas rebreather course is commonly known as MOD2 and has a depth limitation of 60 metres using a trimix gas consisting of Oxygen, Helium and Nitrogen. On this course the Oxygen percentage of the gas is always greater than 18%.

Once a diver has gained experience at the Normoxic level they are admitted to a Hypoxic mixed gas course. This is diving using a trimix gas where the Oxygen percentage will not sustain life on the surface and requires a much greater understanding and skill level. There are large differences between training agency standards on Hypoxic courses.

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