rEvo III Standard and rEvo III Mini

There are two different types of Revo rebreather that are CE marked. The Standard and the Mini. Both are available  in manual (MCCR) or manual with electronic controller known as the Hybrid (HCCR).

The standard and mini versions differ in physical size and weight. The Mini is shorter than the standard and one kilo lighter. It is designed for shorter people and for travel. Tall people can also dive the mini with ease as it has a slide out comfort plate which means that the unit doesn’t rest on your back but on your pelvis, this eliminates the back ache associated with diving small rebreathers.

Both the standard and Mini in MCCR and HCCR have the same size counter lungs and Scrubber cartridges (Carbon dioxide absorbant). They can both be used with different size cylinders but the mini has a slightly smaller wing 18kg lift as opposed to 22kg lift on the standard.

If you would like more information on the different rEvo Rebreather options then please do not hesitate to contact us

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