rEvo III CE mCCR 2018-06-18T19:30:56+00:00

rEvo III Standard and rEvo III Mini


  • Dual NG rEvodream incl HUD’s
  • Custom split adjustable backplate
  • Harness and wing
  • 3 sensors
  • Cylinders and valves
  • No decompression

5010€ (excluding VAT, shipping and training)

Optional Extras:

  • Shearwater Predator full trimix OC/CC in-line decompression, hardwired – 1240€
  • Titanium Upgrade – 800€
  • Front mounted triple Manual Add Valve, off board, complete with hoses 435€

Size Options for units/cylinders (included in package price):

– Units

  • Standard (R15)
  • Mini (R16)

– Cylinders

  • 31 Heavy (4.6kg) (R100)
  • 31 Light (3.4kg) (R101)
  • 21 Light (2.6kg) ( R102)

All prices exclude VAT, Shipping and Training

If you would like more information on the rEvo III CE mCCR then please do not hesitate to contact us